It can be difficult for a Muslim to locate trustworthy sources and advice that are consistent with Islamic principles. Yet now that we have access to technology, we may use a variety of Islamic apps to assist us in our daily lives.

Best Islamic apps for Muslim 2023

There is an Islamic app for everyone, whether you want to learn more about Islam, keep track of your daily prayers, or remain in touch with the Muslim community.

We'll look at some of the top Muslim-friendly Islamic apps that are now offered on the Android and iOS platforms in this article.

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Muslims for one of the most widely used Islamic apps among Muslims is called Muslim Pro. Many features are available, such as prayer times, a Qibla compass, and translations of the Quran.

You can track your daily fasting and zakat payments using a feature offered by uslim Pro. It is user-friendly and accessible in more than 20 languages.

Quran Majeed

The entire Quran in Arabic, as well as translations into more than 40 other languages, are available in the comprehensive app Quran Majeed. You can recite the Quran using options provided by renowned Quranic reciters.

It also has bookmarks, notes, and a search function that makes it simple to locate particular verses or surahs. The app also features tafsir (explanations) of Quranic verses by renowned Islamic scholars.

Halal Trips

For Muslim tourists, HalalTrip is a fantastic app. You can find nearby halal eateries and mosques, the times of prayers, and a Qibla compass, among other features that are useful when traveling. 

The app also has a special feature called HalalTrip Experiences that provides tours and other activities in locations around the world that are welcoming to Muslims.

Al Jazeera English

An app called Al Jazeera English offers in-depth coverage of current events from the viewpoint of Muslims.

It's a great tool for Muslims who want to stay current on matters and events that concern the Muslim community globally.

Also, the app has movies and documentaries that contextualize and analyze the news.

Hadith Collection

An app called Hadith Collection offers a vast library of reliable hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad).

Sunan Abu Dawood, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and numerous additional hadith collections are all included in the app. 

Moreover, a search function is offered, making it simple to locate the hadith you're looking for.

How to Download Islamic apps and setup

These are only a few of the greatest Muslim-friendly Islamic apps that are currently accessible.

Whether you want to study more about Islam, keep track of your daily prayers, or maintain contact with the Muslim community, they can be useful tools in your day-to-day life as a Muslim.

Experience the advantages of having a digital Islamic resource at your disposal by downloading them right away.

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