রকেট একাউন্ট ইজ নট অ্যাক্টিভ | How to solve Rocket account is not active

Rocket accounts have become an essential tool in today's digital world, allowing individuals and businesses to manage their finances efficiently. However, encountering issues with your Rocket account can be frustrating. One common problem users face is the "Rocket Account Is Not Active" error.

রকেট একাউন্ট ইজ নট অ্যাক্টিভ | How to solve Rocket account is not active

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the possible reasons behind this issue and provide step-by-step solutions to reactivate your account.

Understanding the Issue

1. Why Is Your Rocket Account Not Active?

Account Inactivity: The most straightforward reason is that your Rocket account has been inactive for an extended period. Banks often deactivate accounts that haven't been used for a specific duration.

Security Measures: Rocket may temporarily disable accounts as a security precaution if they detect suspicious activity or login attempts.

Documentation Issues: Incomplete or inaccurate documentation during the account setup process can lead to inactivity.

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Troubleshooting and Reactivation

2. Confirm the Inactivity

Start by checking if your Rocket account is genuinely inactive. Attempt to log in, and if you receive an error message, proceed with the reactivation process.

3. Contact Customer Support

If you suspect security-related issues or have received a notification about your account's inactivity, it's advisable to contact Rocket's customer support immediately. They can provide guidance on the specific steps you need to take.

4. Update Documentation

If incomplete or incorrect documentation is the issue, gather the necessary documents and visit your nearest Rocket branch to update your information.

5. Verify Your Identity

In some cases, Rocket may request additional identity verification. Ensure you provide all requested documents promptly.

6. Reactivation Fees

Be aware that some banks may charge reactivation fees. Check your bank's policy and be prepared to cover any associated costs.

7. Reset Password

If the issue is a forgotten password or a locked account, use the "Forgot Password" feature to reset your login credentials.

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Preventing Future Issues

8. Regular Activity

To avoid account inactivity, make regular transactions or log in periodically to keep your account active.

9. Keep Documentation Updated

Ensure that all personal information and documentation associated with your Rocket account are accurate and up-to-date.

10. Stay Informed

Keep an eye on notifications from Rocket and stay informed about any policy changes or security alerts.


A "Rocket Account Is Not Active" issue can be a source of stress, but with the right approach, it can be resolved efficiently. Whether it's a simple case of inactivity or a more complex security matter, following the steps outlined in this guide should help you reactivate your account and prevent similar issues in the future.

Always remember to stay vigilant, keep your information updated, and reach out to customer support when needed. Your Rocket account is a valuable financial tool, and with the right care, you can ensure its smooth operation.

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