Top 10 ways earn money from Youtubes are Completely Overrated

The popularity of YouTube is increasing in line with the popularity of video content. Earning from YouTube is not unknown to anyone at present. However, there are more than one way to earn money from YouTube. Let's know how to earn from YouTube or how to earn from YouTube.

Top 10 ways earn money from Youtube

How to make money from YouTube

Many people think that it is possible to earn income from YouTube only through AdSense Monetization. However, this assumption is completely wrong. YouTube offers a variety of options to make money. For example:

  • YouTube Partner Program
  • Product sales
  • Video editing service
  • Product reviews and affiliate marketing
  • Online courses
  • Sponsored Content
  • donation

Income from the YouTube Partner Program

By joining the YouTube Partner Program, not only can you earn money with AdSense, but many other benefits can be obtained by joining the YouTube Partner Program.

By joining the YouTube Partner Program, you can get youtube premium subscription fees, super chat, channel membership programs, etc.

You will need a YouTube channel to join the YouTube Partner Program.

Your YouTube channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watchtime in the past 12 months in order to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. There can also be no copyright strike on the YouTube channel.

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Monetization is the name of the YouTube Channel Partner Program. To find out if your YouTube channel is suitable for monetization:

  • Enter YouTube Studio
  • The left menu's Monetization section should be selected.
  • Then you'll see your channel's monetization LGBT status.
  • Apply Now button will appear when your channel is suitable for monetization
  • Your channel will also be notified if it is not yet suitable for monetization

If your YouTube channel supports YouTube's official AdSense account guide, then you can open an AdSense account account. There are some rules for monetizing your YouTube channel. For example:

Ad Revenue: To get youtube video ad revenue, your video has to be advertiser-friendly so that advertisers agree to show ads on your video. Also, to get ad revenue, you must be 18 years of age or older. YouTube shorts i.e. videos of less than 1 minute can also be earned.

YouTube Premium Revenue: If a YouTube Premium member watches your YouTube video, then you will get some of that viewer's subscription as revenue.

Channel Membership: To sell membership to channel subscribers, there should be a minimum of 30,000 subscribers.

Super Chat: The money that viewers pay in the chat during the live stream is called super chat. Super Chat is not available on YouTube in Bangladesh, though.

Following the above policies, you can earn from YouTube by joining the YouTube Partner Program.

Income from YouTube by selling products

Selling various products is now becoming one of the main sources of income for YouTubers and public figures. If your channel has enough fan following, who will be interested in buying from you, then you can sell merchandise to youtube channel subscribers.

Since your YouTube channel is also a brand, try to keep your own in the merchandise sold. As a result, you will be promoted as a channel for free.

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Additionally, you can ask viewers for their opinions on the item. As a result, selling goods is made simple. Opening a store online or creating a Facebook profile both allow for the sale of goods.

Earn from video editing services

Since you upload videos to YouTube, you should have expertise in video editing. If you think that your video editing is better than others and you are good at this task, then you can provide video editing services.

You can provide video editing services to other YouTubers in exchange for money. Apart from this, video editing work can also be earned well on various freelancing platforms.

Video editing is a very demanding service. So if you have expertise in this subject, you can earn by helping others.

Income from YouTube through product reviews and affiliate marketing

A large number of viewers rely on YouTube to learn about a new product or to decide to buy a product. Using this opportunity, it is possible to earn from YouTube through product review and affiliate marketing.

Currently, there is a lot of demand for all kinds of product reviews on YouTube. In addition to simplifying the viewer's buying decision by providing an affiliate link to buy in the description of these product reviews, you can also get a commission. Along with other products, you can also promote your own merchandise through your video.

Earn from YouTube by selling online courses

If you run an educational YouTube channel, you can create an online course with the best of what you teach. Also, if viewers are willing to learn a specific aspect of your video, then selling online courses can be a source of your income from YouTube.

Income from YouTube through sponsored content

If your channel has enough subscribers, then different organizations can contact you to know about sponsorship. Also, if your video and the topic of an organization's product or service are the same, you can also contact that organization to discuss sponsorship.

YouTubers' main source of money is now sponsored material. Basically, different organizations buy specific segments of the video or the entire video in exchange for money to promote their product or service. Additionally, there are numerous varieties of sponsored content agreements.

Income from YouTube through donations

YouTube revenue derived from donations

Full-time YouTube can be difficult for you if your YouTube channel is modest and it's your only source of employment and money.

If your YouTube channel is small and YouTube is your only source of work and income, then full-time YouTube can be challenging for you.

Small content creators who can't earn enough money from YouTube in other ways can take financial help directly from subscribers. Sites like Patreon have made this a lot easier.

Answers to general questions about income from YouTube.

How much does YouTube pay for every 1000 views?

YouTube is $3 to $5 per 1000 views, which can be Tk 250 to Tk 400 or more or less in Bangladeshi taka. It's impossible to say for sure. 

Is income from YouTube halal?

YouTube earns money by showing ads in videos and shares them with content creators. If you show something that is contradictory to Islam in your video or advertisement, it can be a problem. You will get the answer to this question by talking to a renowned scholar about the content of your channel and the advertising displayed.

How do I make money from YouTube?

YouTube allows users to withdraw funds to their bank accounts.

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